Stage IV Cancer Victim Survives To Enjoy The Best Christmas EVER

In Chris Barr by Christopher C. Barr, Nutritional Historian

The date was early in 2015 when most were just receiving billing statements for their seasonal gift purchases. The place was a sporting event at which a doting father was cheering his son participating in the activities of the day. The father suddenly fell to the ground with difficulty breathing.  He was hurried to the hospital.  Subsequently two liters of fluid were drained from his lungs. Cancer QuoteThe man had basically been drowning on dry land.

Rushed to the hospital this local pastor began running up medical bills while clinging to and seeking after the gift of life.

An abundance of prayers went up for the much beloved pastor from family, friends and members of the congregation.

One long time family friend and Registered Nurse brought to him Kangen water the very first day of his hospitalization.

Three days after his lung was drained another liter and a half of fluid was drained from the pastor’s lungs.  The drainage in another three days dropped to a liter.

The RN made sure her pastor had a fresh gallon of Kangen water to drink each day in the hospital.  She wanted to be sure he had the very best water to drink in this crucial fight for life from what eventually was determined to be a very critical illness.

[Kangen is a water produced by electronic ionization from a kitchen sink that dramatically increases antioxidant content of water .  It is the originator of such water produced from one’s own tap.  The name ‘Kangen’ itself is from the Japanese word for “return to origin”.  The company is a Japanese company and the oldest provider of such units in the world.]

More than a week of hospitalization resulted finally in a dire diagnosis of lung cancer in a particularly aggressive variety already at Stage 4 — in a word, terminal. PT scan had revealed metastasis (spread already) throughout the upper lymph system, in the liver and in the brain. A grapefruit sized tumor was in one lobe of his lung with more than a dozen smaller tumors in the other lobe. The grim prognosis given to his wife was that he had only 6 to 12 months to live.

He won’t be home for Christmas,” the doctor told his wife and daughter (who was to be married in the spring).

Fluid drainage from the lungs finally steadied at 400 ml (less than half a liter) every three days with a portable drainage unit so he could be home.

Much prayer continued and even grew more as word spread throughout the community. The pastor also continued consumption of one gallon of Kangen water daily. Weakness, weight loss, labored breathing and chilling were common though his wife faithfully prepared fresh foods as organic as she could obtain.

Sometime after returning home a family friend brought a book outlining a specialized nutritional support protocol for those with cancer.  He had overheard a conversation in a local outlet, politely inquired of those who were speaking, purchased the book ‘SELENIUM: One Cancer Answer … 100 years and counting’ and had made several notes.

The family friend thought it may be something to consider. Could this be another answer to the much prayer going forth? The doggedly-determined doting wife read the book all the way through that very evening.  She told her husband, “We’re doing this.”

The protocol was for three very specific nutrients — selenium, silica and chromium in very specific forms and amounts — as well as a little known tea consisting of nine herbs prepared with a special aqueous colloidal process.

The very specific form of the nutrients were grown and cultured in what was a “whole food” form called ‘FoodState’ because they were as found in foods rather than the manufactured variety common to more than 95 per cent of all supplements.

The protocol was also very specific as to amounts to be taken four times daily of the nutrients and the tea (morning, noon, evening and bedtime).

The first morning after starting the protocol the pastor told his wife, “You’re not going to believe this but I feel better.”

Bear in mind that this was after much prayer, daily Kangen water, and great fresh food diet (largely organic) as a foundation. Three days later the fluid drainage from the lungs was reduced by half to 200 ml. Then fluid drainage was not needed until four days for the first time since initial hospitalization and was only 150 ml. Another four days later only 100 ml of fluid drainage occurred and the same after another four days. Drainage tapered down from that point to weekly (or less) and with lesser amounts. Weakness, weight loss, labored breathing and chilling steadily decreased and then stabilized as well.

A second PT scan was performed. The grapefruit sized tumor of 14 centimeters in one lobe of the lung had reduced to 9 centimeters.  All other tumors in the other lobe, lymph and brain had reduced by half or more. The liver tumor was gone.

It should be noted that first selenium and then chromium were established as essential nutrients at the National Institutes of Health in the course of liver studies conducted in the 1950s.  They are liver specific nutrients. The herb tea called ‘CanGest’ also contains liver specific herbs.

After almost 2 months of little or no drainage a determination was made to clean and clear the drainage mechanism.  It was then discovered that there was nothing to clear.  The mechanism was not clogged at all. Although the news and improvements were very encouraging the pastor did note that he never felt satisfied even with all the great food he was eating plentifully over the course of more than three months.

One suggested an aggressive probiotic protocol was indicated.   The pastor started a seven day regimen of beginning each morning with Innate Response Flora 200-14 — a daily 200 billion count multi-strain professional formulation. After the third day of the probiotic regimen the pastor noted that he was satisfied after eating for the first time in months. That was the end of never feeling satisfied after eating but the beginning of new found acceleration for feelings of well-being.

The friendly flora that beneficial bacteria probiotics are do many things including to enhance breakdown of foods, increase utilization of nutrients, and are also documented to be one key to immune strengthening. He continued after the seven day period with two each morning of Innate Response Flora 50-14 for two weeks followed by four weeks of one each morning.

A third PT scan subsequently was set to be performed though not without some wrangling with the medical team on the matter. There had been chemotherapy started while in the hospital.  It was offered as a palliative only as no hope was given due to the type and stage of the cancer. The chemotherapy was slated to be a fairly typical course of five treatments separated in three week intervals. The family delayed the second treatment to four weeks instead of three. The third treatment was delayed to five weeks instead of three.The fourth treatment was delayed to seven weeks instead of three.

The medical office called and said that the doctor was upset about chemotherapy not being done according to schedule.The family kept putting off the chemotherapy because as the pastor continually improved there would be a seven to ten day setback from improvement following each chemotherapy treatment.After the longest break from chemotherapy yet the oncologist urged another treatment.

The family said they wanted another PT Scan. The doctor said he would do another PT Scan after one more chemotherapy treatment. The family said they insisted on another PT Scan before they would even consider another chemotherapy treatment. The oncologist relented.  (Subsequently it was learned that he owned the machine so his cost would be be minimal and his profit maximal.) The PT Scan did not show any cancer anywhere at all.

Barely more than six months after being given six months to live no cancer could be found at all! However, the radiation oncologist told the couple at another appointment that the cancer was still there.  When asked why it did not appear he said, “These tests are not always accurate.” (So when the expen$ive te$t$ don’t show what medical authorities want to see they are not accurate?!?!?!?)

He insisted that the cancer was still there because “nobody recovers from this type of cancer”. “It will come back with a vengeance,” he concluded to the couple. The primary care oncologist insisted that a low-dose chemotherapy regimen was needed for one year to prevent recurrence. Think about that.

The oncologist originally said that this cancer could not be defeated.  AFTER it disappeared using non-medical means the doctor insists that medical means he previously said could not work must be utilized to make sure that the cancer he previously said couldn’t be defeated with medical means would not return?!?!?  TRUTH is TRULY stranger than fiction!

The family declined the demand of the doctor for chemotherapy. The doctor responded that if the pastor did not commence low dose chemotherapy that the cancer would return. It took more than another four months of being cancer free before the doctor officially declared the pastor in remission. A couple weeks later my wife and I dined with the family in the midst of the holiday season with much laughter and joyous living!

The family declined the demand of the doctor for chemotherapy. The doctor responded that if the pastor did not commence low dose chemotherapy that the cancer would return. It took more than another four months of being cancer free before the doctor officially declared the pastor in remission. A couple weeks later my wife and I dined with the family in the midst of the holiday season with much laughter and joyous living!

A few days later the family spent another Christmas at home together almost a full year after the doctor told the wife and adult daughter, “He won’t be home for Christmas.”

The BEST Christmas EVER!


From “A Visit from St. Nicholas”

To “A Visit to the Oncologist”

Twas the week before Christmas, and even a louse, In the form of an oncologist admitted cancer was doused; Chemotherapy had been insisted upon without a care, Hoping (against hopes) that cancer suffering wouldn’t be there; The children were troubled while snug in their beds, While visions of no dad for Christmas placed in their heads, And Mama in her anger, and I with the doctor’s yap, Had settled our brains for a long winter’s map — As avoiding much chemo brought such a clatter, From the doctor due to our pursuit of nutrition matters. Away from the office I flew like a flash, Running with a shudder, avoiding medical trash. And the moon “goddess” named Selene (in case you didn’t know), Is where the lustrous mineral selenium takes its name on earth below, Then, what is this to my wondering eyes should appear?
But an RN from church with Kangen water (she’s a dear!), A gallon of this water, enlivening and quickening, (Unlike most water this ain’t sickening), Like death following vultures the cursers they came, Making all kinds of noise, so many words all so lame, “Not Prayer! Not Water! Not Kangen!” pooh-poohed doctor’s nurse (The Vixen) “On Selenium! On Silicon! On Chromium! On CanGest!” has them itching; “With the top Flora (Innate Response) over others so tall!” “Now dash away! Cancer away! Dash all cancer away ALL!” Though the cancer had spread like a wild hurricane a-fly, In the lungs (both lobes), liver, lymph, and brain (Oh my!); So in the house great prayer, water and foods they flew with a slew full of whole food nutrients and flora, too: And mediSin having not an inkling about nutrition (they’re aloof) They prance around truth pawing like cattle on the hoof. As I followed my head, my condition turning around, Downing selenium (and all else) the oncologists words abound; Always covered in white from his neck to his foot,
His white lab coat justifying chemicals worse than ashes and soot; No bundles of joy slung out from his back- -ground — drugs like a peddler just opening his pack: His brow — how it wrinkled! His expressions: so scary! His angry cheeks red like roses, angry nose red like cherry; His droll little mouth all drawn up like a bow, And his chinny chin chin as the wolf in the story goes; The clipboard held so tight as though clenched teeth, You could almost see smoke encircling his head like a wreath. He made such a face, seemed to trouble his belly He was shook, his medical knowledge jiggled like just so much jelly: He was not bubbly, just stumped, feeling rather like an elf, Rather than the mighty doctor of healing that he lied to himself; A stink-eye and a twist of his medical head His words previously insisted before christmas I’d be dead. In spite of all his words, sounding frankly like a jerk, And fill’d full of mockings that nothing but medical would work, And laying his figuring aside in spite of what he thinks that he knows, And almost one year later, robust health had arose, The doc sprung — in spite of his medical way — to esteem though not with a whistle, And the facts all flew, like the ammo from a pistol, As I heard him exclaim — twas driven from every site — “No more cancer at all” — to all the cancer ‘GOOD NIGHT!’

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Author: Christopher C. Barr, Nutritional Historian