Ted Cruz Uses Monsanto Talking Points; Supports GMOs & Biotechnology

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Ted Cruz has millions of Christians across America supporting his campaign for President. One of Ted’s greatest talking points is that he is not part of the Washington Cartel. He wants to get elected to stop the Washington Cartel.

That’s quite interesting given the fact that he is using Monsanto talking points in his campaign. Ted Cruz fully supports biotechnology and GMOs. He is also opposed to any form of mandatory labeling for this satanic science so consumers can remain in the dark about what has happened to our entire food supply.

Speaking on the issue of GMO labeling Senator Ted Cruz responded in an interview:

“People who decide that’s what they want, they can pay for it already. But, we shouldn’t let anti-science zealotry shut down the ability to produce low cost, quality food for billions across the globe.”

The problem is support for GMOs crosses party lines. Both Democrats and Republicans support biotechnology. Monsanto is one of the most influential and powerful lobbyist organization in D.C. Ted Cruz knows where he has to stand on GMOs in order to gain their support.

Watch Investigative Reporter Greg Ciola expose these lies in precise detail in this hard hitting and eye-opening video. If you care for the future of our country, our farming community and the health and well-being of our people there is no possible way you can support GMOs and Biotechnology.


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