Stage IV Colon Cancer Patient Survives Using Apricot Kernels

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Stage IV Colon Cancer Patient Written Off For Dead By Medical Doctors Is Still Alive and Well Thanks To Prayer and Apricot Kernels 

Investigative Reporter, Greg Ciola, Interviews Rev. Bob Celeste From Maine About How He Is Still Alive 3 Years After Being Diagnosed With Stage IV Colon Cancer

If you were given the diagnosis of Stage IV colon cancer odds are you would be making immediate plans for your death. When you hear the word Stage IV cancer, it means your situation is terminal unless you have a miracle. Get your house in order, make peace with your family, and prepare to meet your maker.

Reverend Bob Celeste was that person. Bob was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in 2014. Unlike so many patients that get bamboozled by the medical establishment, Bob refused to accept this diagnosis as a death sentence. With his faith in God and his nutritional knowledge about apricot kernels, Bob was determined that he was going to recover. He refused to give in to the medical system’s fear based approach. Three years later Bob is still alive and well.

Bob shared his story with us. He told us how he was still alive and how if he had listened to the advice of his doctors he would be dead. Even more exciting, Bob was willing to share his testimony. We made a YouTube video with Bob in August of 2016 that has over 70,000 views so far. That interview was over a year ago, and Bob is still alive and cancer free. Below is an edited transcription of that interview that Greg Ciola conducted with him.

Greg: Bob, this is quite a fascinating story. You were diagnosed with colon cancer, and here you are telling me and the world that you are cancer free. Give our audience a background of your story.

Bob:  Okay. It was the year 2014. We had gone to Rio Rancho, New Mexico to help our oldest son with his family during the school year, and to get away from Maine winters. As it turned out, on November 16th, Sunday, I wasn’t hungry that night, which is unusual for me. By Monday morning it was painful. I thought I was constipated. By Tuesday morning, I was in a lot of pain and sending my wife out to get over-the-counter constipation medicine. Wednesday morning, my son and my wife said, “That’s it. You’re on the way to the hospital.”

They took me to the VA hospital in Albuquerque. I got there around 11:00 in the morning. By noontime, they had taken X-rays of me, and a surgeon was in talking to me who said, “You have a massive blockage, at least a foot, in your colon. We have got to operate. If you don’t operate, you’ll be dead in two days. If we do operate, there’s a one out of three chance you’re going to die.” Well, they did the operation, and to make a long story short, they took out a foot of my colon and diagnosed me with Stage IV cancer in the colon and other parts of my body.  They said, “We can offer you chemotherapy, not radiation, but chemotherapy.” And I said, “No.” The surgeon said to me, “What are you going to do?” I said, “I’m going to do apricots, apricot kernels, and prayer.” He said, “You’re going to run into a lot of trouble with this. You’re going to have a lot of doctors in the VA pressuring you for chemotherapy, but remember this, you are in control. In the VA, you as the patient have the ultimate say.”

I appreciated him telling me that because if he hadn’t, I don’t know how I would’ve dealt with the pressure that I was getting for the chemo. I went home on the 29th. When I got home, I started using apricot kernels, my saliva, and prayer, and inside of two days, I began to get results. And the results were, one, I was getting nauseous, but the significant result was all over my body, from the waist on up, there were these little tiny pimples, and each pimple was something like a grain of sand. They were there for weeks, and then they went away. About the same time they went away, I started to feel pretty good. Now that’s fortunate because on January 6th I got rushed back to the hospital again. This time it was a saddle embolism. The emergency room physician said to me, “If you had been doing chemotherapy, there’s no way you could’ve survived this. You would’ve been too weak. There’s no way you could’ve survived it.”

That was the first indication, and I believe from God, that it was the apricots kernels, my own saliva, and prayer that had done this on the cancer. Now to go back just a little bit, two weeks after I got out of the hospital since I was from Maine, I didn’t have a primary care physician out there. I got assigned a primary care physician in Rio Rancho. My wife and I went in to talk to him as he was going through my record. He said, “If you’re not going to do chemotherapy, there’s nothing I can do for you. You’ll be dead in a month.”

That was 19 months ago. I didn’t have a primary care physician. All I had was the surgeon. I went back to see him on the 28th or so of January. I said to him, “So, how am I doing?” And he told me I was doing pretty good. I said, “Can you interpret the PET scan that they did on the 12th of January for me?” He said, “Sure.”

So he went to the PET scan, and this is what he said, “Bob, I can see where you’ve been stabbed. I can see where you’ve been shot. I can see this, I can see this, and I can see this, but you know what I can’t see?” And I said, “No.” He said, “I don’t see any cancer.” So between the time that I started taking the apricot kernels on the 29th of November and January 23rd, the cancer was gone.

Greg: Three months? That’s incredible.

Bob:  That’s when I started to reduce the number of kernels I was taking.

Greg: Bob, how did you know that apricots were even going to help you, and then what was your source to get them?

Bob:  Way back in 1996 or 97, I forget which, I was taking a course online to become a pastor, but I didn’t want to waste my money. I hate to use the word waste, but I didn’t want to spend my money learning how to do marriages and things like that. So I went to a Bible school, and that’s all I took was the Bible. They said, “If all you’re going to do is the Bible and you’re not going to do the other things, you’re going to have to give a couple of sermons in churches that you’re not associated with, and you’re going to have to do an internship in a hospital.” I chose Maine Med and Mercy Hospital. I went there, and I was a volunteer chaplain for, I think, six months.

During that time, I saw what chemotherapy and radiation did to people. I came home and said to my wife, “Cecily, under no circumstances if I’m diagnosed with cancer, are you ever to allow them to do chemotherapy and radiation.” The results are horrible, absolutely horrible. Unless you’re actually in the hospital seeing people when they have chemotherapy and radiation, you cannot believe how horrible the results are. I started searching for an alternative. Here I was studying the Bible. I was reading, “I give you every herb of the field,” and I’m thinking to myself, “There’s got to be an herb for cancer.” I found a book called World Without Cancer. I cannot urge you enough to sell that book on your website. Had it not been for that book, I don’t believe I’d be alive today. I read the book, and it made a perfectly valid case for using apricot kernels to beat cancer. It says that cancer is a vitamin deficiency like scurvy was a vitamin deficiency of vitamin C. I believe that 100%. Cancer is a vitamin deficiency of B17 which comes from apricot kernels, and B15 which comes from apricots. I believe that your own saliva and chewing it well helps with the digestion of it. My prayer wasn’t long; I’ll be honest with you. It’s just that every time I take these, I say, “Lord, into your hands I give me, and in the name of Jesus I ask, heal me.” Would it work without the prayer? I don’t know. I haven’t tried it.

Greg: Well, plenty of people have claimed that it has worked without prayer, but obviously you’re saturating it in something that’s even more powerful, so that’s good to hear.

Bob:  Yeah, but all I can tell you, Greg, is what I did. And what I did works. I’m 72 years old. There are pictures of me on YouTube giving sermons five years ago, and there’s a picture that you’re going to put up that is of me just within the last week. I don’t look like I’ve aged much. I don’t look like somebody that’s got cancer and who’s going to die, or is dead for 19 months already. The other reason that I did the apricot kernels is there are two schools of thought. There’s evolution and there’s creation. For those of us who believe in creation, we believe that we were created by God, and that Adam was brought from the dust, clay, the mud, and Eve came from a rib.

Evolutionists believe we evolved from pond scum and monkey dung and chemical waste, okay? So for the people who believe in evolution, stuffing chemicals in their bodies makes perfect sense. To those of us who believe in creation, loading our bodies with negative pH, you know pH four, and five poisons will do nothing but kill us. So that was the other reason that I had to find something other than the chemotherapy and radiation. What I do is I use the apricot kernels, apricots, my own prayer and my saliva, and I keep my pH over seven. My pH has been as high as 9.5, as low as 6.3. I average 7.5, 7.7, like that, and I measure it with a digital meter.

Greg: How are you maintaining pH? Is it the apricot kernels or do you do some other things in addition to that?

Bob:  I use baking soda. Not baking powder, but baking soda and water. It’s been so long since I drank plain water that it just tastes strange to me when I drink it. I use one heaping teaspoon for every eight ounces of water. When you first try it, it will taste terrible to you, but you get used to it after a while. It keeps my pH up. I get up in the morning and it’s 7.7, 7.8, and I keep very careful track of it. It’s been as low as 6.3 and then as high as 9.5. For those of you out there who have been told that if you get your pH over 7.5, you might notice that dead people don’t talk. I’ve had mine at 9.5. I’m not dead. I believe that high pH keeps arthritis pain away. I don’t have any arthritis pain in my left wrist since I’ve been doing it. I believe that it helps defeat cancer.

Greg: We have a story up on our website, and I sell the book on Sodium Bicarbonate from Dr. Mark Sircus down in Brazil. Same thing, same type of testimonial. The baking soda is amazing. That in conjunction with the apricot kernels was all you were doing? What about diet, Bob? What kind of food were you eating? Anything unusual or you were just eating a regular diet?
Bob:   I eat pretty much a normal diet. I try to get organic, but it’s not in our price range. During the summer, we eat out of our garden, which is organic. When I have to buy stuff from the supermarket like chicken and meats, I soak them overnight in either a stainless steel or glass bowl with Himalayan sea salts and water. The next day, when I take them out to cook them, I notice that there’s this stuff on the bottom. I’m assuming that it is pesticides and other things that shouldn’t be in your body that was on the chicken or in the beef.

Greg: I’m sure a lot of people reading this interview are going to ask this. The FDA has made war against a lot of apricot products for exactly why you’re making these statements in this interview. Where did you get your apricot kernels and how did you know where to go?

Bob: I get them from They’ve been wonderful to me. I’ve been getting them there for a long time. I buy 10 pounds at a time. I have a theory. The United States government says that what I’m doing is against the law. My question is, “What are they going to do? Send the Marine Corps?” I’m a pastor in Maine. I’m taking apricot kernels. The entire thing is documented on the VA website on my VA medical report, which is like 1500 pages long. What are they going to do? Are they going to take me to court? Fine. If they take me to court and they put me in jail, then as far as I’m concerned, that’s the mission field that God has given me.  You know, it’s kind of like for years, Greg, I have been hearing people say, “They’re going to take our guns. They’re going to take our guns.” Who’s going to take them? Who are they going to send to do this? Are they going to hire a bunch of Martians? Even the UN is not stupid enough to come into the United States and try and confiscate our guns. They may get away with it for the first week, but after that, that would end. I’m not too concerned about the United States government, but I will say this to people, and you’ve got to understand this. The United States government is owned and operated by big pharma. Therefore, it’s against the law for your doctor to say to you that you can do anything other than radical operations, chemotherapy, and radiation. It’s up to you do to it on the side. I don’t think you have anything to worry about by buying these things on the side. It’s your doctor that they have leverage with, and they’ll pull his license.

Greg: How many apricot kernels did you take a day? Did you take them just once a day or several times a day and how did you know what to take? And then you also, I think you told me you took the capsules that they sold as well. Give me the regimen you were following, and maybe how you were concluding what that was supposed to be.

Bob:  Okay. When I read the book, it didn’t tell me how many to use. What I figured was probably one for every five pounds of body weight. Now that may be too many, or it may be too little. I don’t know. I weigh close to 200 pounds. I got out of the hospital around 176. I’d take 45 apricot kernels a day and grind them up using the NutriBullet. I would literally grind them up really fine. Then I’d take a third of that and eat it in the morning, a third at noontime or so, and a third again at night. Now when I tried to take the whole 45 at one time, it made me nauseous, but what I found out to deal with that nausea is to use app juice or applesauce. It helps get rid of nausea and helps you to be able to digest them. Then I thought, well I’ll do it 15, 15 and 15, and I did that for about a month. I would use one apricot each time. Now the reason being the apricot kernels have the B17. The apricots have B15. Some things work much better when you have the two combined than either one individually.

I started out using B15 that I bought across the counter, and the apricot kernels, but I rapidly learned that it’s better to use the apricots for the B15. Your saliva is vital. The more of your saliva you put in, and I don’t know where I found this, but the more of your saliva you put in, the easier it is for your digestive system to digest things. When they’d taken out a foot of my colon, I don’t have as long a digestive system as you do. I’ve got to optimize my digestion. I’ve got to get as much of the nutrients out of the apricots and kernels in half a colon. I grind them and take them not as a capsule, but I chew the apricot. I soak the apricots in water so that they’re nice and soft when I use them. I then chew the apricot, take a spoonful of the ground up apricot kernels, put it in my mouth, chew the whole bunch together. Then the last bit of apricot powder, you know the ground up apricots in there, I put the water from the apricots in it, swish it around and drink it. This makes it much more palatable for me. The other thing I found is that if I take them in the morning, then as they’re fighting the cancer in my system, it does affect me a little bit. It makes me a little woozy sometimes. What I do is I take them at night, just before 9:00 at night so that they’re working while I’m sleeping. Does that make sense to you?

Greg: Yes, and it might be a little complicated for somebody listening to this to get their own regimen. Obviously, it sounds like you could just eat the kernels without having to grind them up and do it to the level you’re doing it. Are you still taking apricot kernels for preventative maintenance every day even though you are cancer free?

Bob:  20 a night. About a year ago they said that the cancer had moved to my liver. I don’t know that I believed them on that. I still don’t know that I do. I’m not convinced, let me put it that way. And the biggest reason I’m not convinced was, almost immediately after they told me that it had moved to my liver, I had a colonoscopy done, and they found one polyp in my colon, and they did the whole colon, by the way, and that was benign. I have absolutely none of the symptoms of cancer, especially liver cancer. I’m not losing any weight. I don’t feel tired, and I’ve lived past two or three of the times they said I’d be dead.

Greg: And you feel healthy, strong, vibrant every day?

Bob:  You know, I do, Greg. I sleep like eight maybe nine hours at night. Usually, I sleep eight hours and I might occasionally take a nap in the daytime, but bear in mind; I’m 72 years old. I don’t think that’s unusual for a 72-year old man to take a nap in the afternoon or sleep more than eight hours. I don’t think that’s unusual from talking to friends. What I’m getting at is I have none of the symptoms of cancer that I can find online. I know there’s a tumor or a flash on my liver. I know that. It’s been there since 2009. It is getting a little bigger, but I also know that every tumor is not cancer and that tumors do grow, and I also know that the growth doesn’t necessarily mean anything negative. I do know that I’m not letting anyone go near my liver with a knife.

Greg: You’d be back in the same boat again. Anyway. I appreciate your time and sharing this with our audience. That’s a great story. I wish you the best. I appreciate your time on the interview. We may bring you back on and do some more discussions here because this is a great story that needs to be told, to encourage people.

Bob: Thank you. God bless you, Greg. I appreciate you giving me this opportunity to talk to people about cancer.

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