DARK Act Becomes Law! GMO Food Labeling Bill Is Just Another Assault On State’s Rights and A Total Scam

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The House of Representatives voted 306-117 in favor of the Bill to label GMOs. Don’t be fooled by this new labeling law. This was a grand scheme to usurp state’s rights, in this case Vermont, from calling for GMO labeling. Vermont’s law went into effect July 1, 2016 and it has caused literal panic among the biotech giants and food conglomerates. There was heavy pressure across the board to shut down all state efforts to label GMOs. That day has arrived in America. This new Bill superceds all state laws and now puts GMO labeling into the hands of the federal government.

This Bill has no teeth as there are no penalities or fines outlined for violators. The Bill also mandates that no ingredient panels will be allowed to say the ingredients are GMO. Instead, they mandate that a QR bar code be placed on the packaging or a phone number. How many people are going to waste their time trying to scan all these products in a store while shopping trying to determine if the product has GMOs? This program is being run in conjunction with www.smartlabel.org. This will be the industry web domain used by all food companies to direct people to with their QR Code Scan. In actuality, this website is going to have all sorts of pro biotech statements claiming that GMOs are safe, good for the environment and better for farmers. There will be nothing negative at all about them. According to the biotech industry the science is settled. Anyone who is against GMOs must wear a tinfoil hat and believe in space aliens.

I reached out to the smartfacts.org company. Here is what I asked them.

Can you please instruct me on how this technology will display information on GMOs under the new bill just passed by the House that President Obama will be signing into law?

Will it show this on the ingredients?

Will there be hyperlinks to other websites such as the FDA that give out information about GMOs or will that info be on your site?  I keep hearing about a QR Code but I can’t get any further information even from the two Senators who sponsored the Senate Bill or from my local House Rep. Any help would be great.


Gregory Ciola
Investigative Reporter/Editor

This was their response:


Greg –

Currently, SmartLabel provides information on GMOs in the “other” tab on a product. You can search for a range of products already using SmartLabel at SmartLabel.org.

But here’s one example: http://smartlabel.hersheys.com/00034000088034-0001#other.

Under the legislation passed by the House today (and the Senate last week), the U.S. Department of Agriculture would set rules/regulations for definitions of GMOs and disclosure requirements. That process could take up to two years.

As part of the disclosure of genetically engineered ingredients, it’s likely that SmartLabel will make a change to the main tabs to specifically list GMOs (or something like that) where “Other Information” tab is now.

Happy to talk if you have other questions or need more information.

Roger Lowe

Executive Vice President, Strategic Communications
Grocery Manufacturers Association  




We will be covering much more in the days ahead. Watch our video just released below about this breaking news.


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