Ayahuasca: The Devil’s Poison or Herbal Healer?

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If you haven’t heard about this South American ritual using the herbal tea blend Ayahuasca then be prepared for an eye opener. Ayahuasca is becoming the new drug of choice. It is being promoted among the New Age movement big time. The natural health market is now getting in on the act too. Well known authors and New Age promoters like Deepak Chopra are pushing this ritual as well. Ayahuasca originated in South America. It has been around for thousands of years with Shamans using it to get followers to have an experience with spirit entities. Don’t be deceived. Ayahuasca is a witches’ brew that causes users to hallucinate and have a very dangerous encounter with demons. People have gone down to South America in search of these practices. However, Ayahuasca churches and Shamans are all over the U.S. today and people no longer have to spend a bunch of money and time in pursuit of this drug. The Bible is replete with scriptures warning us to avoid these pagan rituals and practices. The entire Old Testament is filled with accounts of pagan nations participating in these satanic ceremonies. Beware! A trip on Ayahuasca may destroy you spiritually and turn you over to demonic possession and control.


Author: Gregory Ciola

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