Zika, Schmika Part 3: $19.8 Million for Unneeded Zika Vaccine

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I am tired of writing about this, but I feel this issue goes to the heart about what is wrong with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  The CDC says it is “saving lives, protecting people”.

What nonsense.

Folks, when you read this, I think you will come to the same conclusion I have:  The CDC must be disbanded.  They simply are not capable of ensuring our safety as they are bought off and owned by Big Pharma.

The CDC has asked our do-nothing Congress for $1.9 billion to study and develop a vaccine for Zika.  Thankfully, our do-nothing Congress did not fund this goose chase as Zika has never been proven to cause much more than a self-limited benign illness in nearly all who have acquired it.  And, keep in mind, a lot of people have been infected with Zika as it has been around since 1947 and infected tens of millions of people.  And, those infected with Zika over the last 60 years have not suffered with microcephaly.  Only a small portion of Brazil has suffered with a microcephaly outbreak.  Other areas of Brazil and many other countries that surround the Equator have not suffered with a microcephaly outbreak.

So, why am I writing about this again?  Today, Big Pharma Takeda announced that they will receive (hold your breath) $19.8 million from the U.S. Government to develop a vaccine against Zika. http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-takeda-zika-virus-0903-biz-20160902-story.html

Let’s look at the facts about Zika.  The facts are:

  • A microcephaly epidemic occurred in NE Brazil
  • Zika was never shown to cause the microcephaly epidemic in NE Brazil
  • Zika is rampant throughout Brazil including the Amazon where there is no microcephaly epidemic
  • Columbia which is next to Brazil studied 12,000 newborn babies and found no microcephaly cases even though Zika is rampant there
  • Because of the microcephaly epidemic in NE Brazil, the CDC wants $1.9 billion to study and develop a vaccine from a virus that has NEVER been shown to cause microcephaly

I would guess that a vaccine against Zika is relatively easy to manufacture as immunity from Zika is guaranteed from having acquired Zika.

I could think of a lot better ways to spend $1.9 billion.  How about taking that money, disbanding the CDC and starting over with an independent Government agency that has no Big Pharma ties.  And, let’s ensure this new agency works for us, not for Big Pharma.

That would be a start.

I am hoping this is my last post about Zika.  I am also wondering when the time will come for us–the citizens of this wonderful country-to stand up and say we have had enough.


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