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High Fructose During Pregnancy Affects Health of Offspring

Stevia Found To Kill Lyme Disease

The Zika Scam Exposed

Roundup Is Linked To Runaway Inflammation

FDA Bans 3 Cancer-Causing Chemicals, Ignores Dozens More – Here Are the Products You Need to Avoid

The Best Natural Remedies For Jock Itch

GE Trees: The Next Generation of Biotech Madness

The World Just Got Another Step Closer To Creating Genetically Modified Humans

300,000 Americans Already Infected With Mysterious New Parasite Disease Called 'The new AIDS'

Problem--Reaction--Solution: Zika Mosquito Virus (problem) --Something Must Be Done To Save Us (reaction) -- Genetically Modified Mosquitoes To The Rescue (solution)

CDC Declares Chipotle Linked E. Coli Outbreak Over

Warning Signs of Zinc Deficiency and How To Cure It

Stevia Kills Lyme Disease Pathogen Better Than Antibiotics (Preclinical Study)

6 Little-Known Dangers of Restricting Sodium Too Much

Anyone Who Tells You We’re “Winning the War on Cancer” is Lying Through Their Teeth — Here’s Why

4 Common Foods Causing Early Puberty In Girls

15 Plants Which Naturally Address Menstrual Cramps and Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Weed-Killing Robot Developed: No Herbicides Needed

OTC Drugs That Kill Kids And What To Do About It

Iron Deficiency Increases Cancer Risk

Research: Plants Cure Cancer, Not Chemicals

Could Melanin Convert Radiation Into Harmless, Even Useful Energy?

Zinc Is Crucial For Heart Health

Your Gluten Problem May Actually Be Caused By Glyphosate

CDC's Own Data: Vaccine-Infant Death Link

“Monsanto Get Out!” Thousands March Against Mass Poisonings, Illegal Plant in Argentina (with Video)

Campbell's Calls For Nationwide Mandatory GMO Labeling

Shocking Controversial Report: ‘Cancer Screening Has Never Saved Lives’ – BMJ Study Concludes

Could This Urine Test Predict Alzheimer's Disease?

How Protein At Breakfast Can Help You Lose Weight

Gut Infections Cause Malnutrition and Vaccine Failure

Biotech Shills Continue Spouting Lies To Push GMO Imperialism

New Study Confirms Gingko Biloba Aids Stroke Recovery

Low Vitamin D Levels Linked To Sleep Apnea

How Sugar Destroys Your Liver and Brain

An Angel Picked Up In Womb By Ultrasound?

25 Possible Adverse Reactions To Vaccines According To CDC and Big Pharma

11 Proven Ways to Lose Weight Without Diet or Exercise

Was Obamacare Crafted To Expand Gun Control?

Food Babe Takes On Boar's Head Deli Meat

Health Conditions in Which Vitamin D Plays an Important Role

Eleven U.S. business chains sell shrimp processed using child slave labor... including Whole Foods

Why Women Have More Problems Sleeping Than Men

Breast Cancer Tumors Are Influenced By Sugar Intake

Concerned About Mass Die-Offs, Morgan Freeman Converted His 124-Acre Ranch Into a Bee Sanctuary (with Video)

Studies Show Normal Children Today Report More Anxiety than Child Psychiatric Patients in the 1950's

Omega-3 Fatty Acids – The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

OTC Sleeping Pills Linked To Dementia

“Horrific and Hypocritical:” Doctors Speak Out Against Unhealthy GMO-Laden Hospital Food

The Amazing Benefits of Breastfeeding

Cinnamon: The Spice of Life

Vitamin D May Play Key Role In Preventing 

Matcha – Even More Powerful Than Regular Green Tea?

How Your Health Benefits from Fiber, and Suffers from Antibiotics

Approval for Toxic Herbicide May Be Rescinded, and GMO Labeling Debate Heats Up Another Notch

Avoid Drugs & Surgery for Prostate Issues with Flaxseed

Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant Ripped A New One By Actor Mark Ruffalo After CBS Interview

My 5 Favorite Supplements for Irregular Cycles: A Clinician's Perspective

The Truth About Sugar

Mole Removal Using Tea Tree Oil (Video) 

Children Can Absorb 10x More Radiation In Their Bone Marrow Than Adults

High Fructose Corn Syrup Now Hidden Under A New Name

New Study Shows Vitamin D Supplementation May Help With Migraines

Is Vitamin D An Effective Antidepressant?

The Real Reason Why The AMA Wants To Destroy Homeopathy

The Healing Power of Germs

The Pros and Cons of Colonoscopies

Top 20 Addictive Foods: Are You Hooked?

New Flu Vaccine Approved

The Facts About Planeters Peanuts

Boosting Male Fertility and Sperm Quality 

Pancreatitis Often Caused By Gallstones: Statins Increase Risk

Antidepressants Do NOT Work, the Forgotten Study (plus + what actually works)

Boron Can Cut Your Risk of Prostate Cancer By 64% 

Fermented Foods Can Dramatically Improve Your Digestive Health and Immunity 

How Monsanto Destroyed Rural Argentina

Radiation from Japan nuclear disaster spreads off U.S. shores

New Study Finds Surprising Link Between ADHD and What’s Being Added to Our Water Supply

Coconut Oil Fights Deadly Yeast Infections, Study Suggests

End of Antibiotics Grows Near As Drug-Resistant Gene with Epidemic Potential Is Found in Animals, Meats, and Humans

Unimaginable Carnage From Fukushima Killing Pacific Ocean

Almonds: Raw or Rocket Fuel? Take Your Pick.

The Invisible Nuclear Threat Within Non-Organic Food

Magic Minerals For Health and Medicine

God Can Do What Doctor's Cannot

Eating Coconut Oil May Be "First Drug-Free Way" to Fight Off Candida Yeast

Just One Daily Dose of Walnuts Does All This

Dangerous Chemotherapy Treatments Now Being Pushed For Some Of The Fastest-Growing Diseases In America

Oxford Neuroscientist Officially Links Cooking With Vegetable Oils to Cancer, Brain Damage

Flu Vaccines Are Worthless For People On Statins

Turmeric Beats Ibuprofen for Arthritis of the Knee

FDA Approves Genetically Engineered Salmon

MIT Scientists Says Glyphosate Is 'The Most Destructable Chemical In Our Environment'

Why You Should Replace Your Amalgam Fillings

3 Reasons Why Obamacare Premiums Are Rising Significantly In 2016

New Study Shows That Organic Sulfur Has Dramatic Effect On Skin Health and Wrinkles

The Video Everyone Needs To Watch To Fully Appreciate The Depth of The Migrant Crisis

DOJ To Announce Actions Against Dietary Supplement Makers

Zinc: More Than Just A Common Cold Remedy

Avocados Shown To Block Cancer Cell Growth and Protect Your Heart

5 Essential Oils To Keep You Healthy Through The Cold & Flu Season

How Gut Bacteria Can Control Your Mood, Behavior & Food Choices

Glyphosate Harm Through The Gut-Brain Connection

Cancer Is On The Rise Globally

How Does Coffee Affect Blood Sugar and Diabetes?

Psychiatric Fascism: Notes From The Underground

A Non-Toxic Alternative For Breast Cancer Treatment

Vitamin C Can Kill Colorectal Cancer Cells

Just 1 TBSP of Coconut Oil Produces Powerful Health Changes, Study Confirms

Causes and Effects of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Organic Soybean Oil Is Almost As Bad As The GMO Version

Hillary Clinton's Vaccine Propaganda 

GMO Tomatoes Are About To Make A Comeback

Sewage Sludge Contaminates Most Fresh Produce In The U.S. With 100+ Toxins

The Goal of Climate Change Is To Destory Capitalism

The Surprising Benefits of Cinnamon

How Junk Food Companies Have Hijacked Nutritional Science

Scientists Claim They Can Change Your Belief On Immigrants and God With Magnets

Monsanto and The EPA: A Love Story

The Hidden Health Dangers of Sleep Apnea

18 Most Addictive Foods 

Celebreties Against GMOs

Lose Weight, Improve Brain Function and Optimize Health With 'Smart Fats'



How Many Super Bowl Players Are Playing Hurt With Brain Damage?

MonSATAN Sues California To Keep Roundup Off Carcinogen List

War on Natural Medicine Continues

Breastfeeding Could Save More Than 800,000 Lives A Year

Fiber Helps You Heal Breast Cancer

Walnuts Can Stop Cancer Development

Tell WebMD CEO David Schlanger to Stop Promoting Monsanto!

What You Are Not Being Told About The Zika Virus

Need a Link Between Federal Reps and Big Pharma Companies? Here it is.

10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Honey

German Supermarket Chain Bans Bee-Killing Neonic Pesticides on Produce

How B-Vitamins Improve Cognitive Function and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

How To Use Lemons To Lose Weight

80% of Heart Attacks Could Be Avoided By Doing These 5 Simple Things

Watch The New Film For Free, "Truth In Media: CDC, Vaccines & Autism"

Drug-Induced Death: What Really Killed Eagle's Glenn Frey

How the Oil Industry Conquered Medicine, Finance and Agriculture

Mysterious Honey That Kills All Bacteria Scientists Throw At It

How to Make Fire Vinegar – Natural Decongestant to Fire Up Your Circulatory System and Cleanse the Body of Infections

Drugs For Physical and Emotional Pain Change Your Brain

Pharmaceutical companies fight marijuana legalization to keep patients addicted to opioid painkillers

Hillary Clinton: The Bride Of Frankenfood

Selenium: The Thyroid Promoting Superstar

This Eating Mistake Could Make Your Good Gut Bacteria Go Extinct

Whooping Cough Vaccine Not as Effective as Thought and Spreads Through Those Vaccinated

U.S. Ag. Secretary Vilsack to Hold “Secret Meeting” to Rewrite GMO Labeling Law

Hospital Food Is Worse Than Dog Food Food 

7 Ways Probiotics Detoxify Your Body

Will Superbugs Lead To The Death of Millions Due To Medical Insanity?

11 Foods To Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight

How Congress Is About To Make It Easier For Chemical Companies To Poison Us

Is Pesticide Used in Milk in 1980s Contributing to Parkinson’s Disease Today? Recent Study Shows a Potential Link

How Drinking One Can of Coke Seriously Harms The Body In Just One Hour

Low Vitamin D Levels Linked To Depression In Korean Women

Why Filtering Your Water Is A Necessity

Companies Hiding GMO Ingredients

Yeast Is A Cause of Cancer And Turmeric Can Kill Both, Research Confirms

CoQ10 Is Great For Heart Disease Prevention 

More Than 100 Seniors Died After Receiving This Flu Shot Given By Pharmacies

Will Climate Change Skeptics Be Declared Mentally Ill And Denied Firearms Under Obama's New Executive Gun Control Action? 

Your Doctor Is Now Your Dictator: Doctors Given New Powers To Declare You Mentally Ill To Take Away Your Guns

Could Marijuana Replace These 5 Major Pharmaceutical Drugs?

ADHD Linked To Lower Maternal Vitamin D Levels

Top 10 Health Stories of 2015

30 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Naturally (Backed by Science)

Long-Time Cancer Nurse Quits After Discovering Nutrition and Natural Therapy Heals Cancer

Bill Gates Could End World Hunger, Instead Gives $36 Billion To Corporate America

4 Reasons Why Energy Drinks Are High Risk For Teenagers

12 Foods That Are Very High in Omega-3

Single Dose of Antibiotic Therapy Can Cause Long-Term Gut Damage

18 Foods That Promote Longevity

Excessive Use of Painkillers Have Created a Nation of Drug Addicts


NHF’s Report on Recent Codex Nutrition Committee Meeting In Germany

Norway Girl’s Life After A Forced Gardasil Vaccine

9 Reasons Why You Don’t Need to Fear Carbs

5 Studies on Saturated Fat – Time to Retire The Myth?

Unexpected Dangers of Over-the-Counter Medicine

Will Sugar Soon be Genetically Modified to ‘Help Fight Skin Cancer?’

Leaked Emails Prove Coca-Cola Was Paying for Propaganda Promoting Sugary Drinks

The Cancer "Red Flag" Everyone Seems To Ignore

Consuming Ashwagandha Root Shows Improvements In Muscle Strength, Size and Recovery

Universal Vaccinations For Children Will Be Overseen By Committee Which Accepts Vaccine Manufacturer Monies

New Study Finds Vitamin D May Help Repair Nerve Damage In MS

Bacteria Resistant to all Treatments – Natural Allopathic Medicine to the Rescue

Cancer patients begin losing health insurance coverage as Obamacare 'sickcare' system implodes

Understanding Fibromyalgia and What To Do

Study Linking GMOs And Tumors Vindicated Yet Again…MSM Stays Silent

Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes and Moths Ready to Spread Like Wildfire

Raw Milk Cheese As Safe As Pasteurized Despite FDA Alarm Bells

Do Hidden Opiates In Our Food Explain Food Addictions?

Little Known High Tech Treatment Could Be Answer to Fibromyalgia Mystery, Researchers Say

Smart Meters Transmit EMFs And RFs That Cause Non-Thermal Health Effects

10-Year-Old Reverses “Incurable” Autoimmune Disease with Simple Diet Changes: “I’m Off All These Stupid Medications…and I Feel Great!”

5 Plants That Will Absorb Dangerous Airborne Chemicals

Blood Sugar Spike Increases The Risk For Cancer

Turmeric Superior to Prozac and Pain-Killers for PMS

Chemicals In Cosmetics

Cloves Stop The Growth of Several Cancers In Preclinical Research 

Chinese Scientist Has Technology To Operate Full-Scale Human Cloning Factory

Researchers Determine Vitamin D Level Necessary to Help Reduce Preterm Births by 50%!

Bill Gates To Face Trial In India For Poisoning Millions With Vaccines

An Avocado A Day Can Keep The Dr. Away

Why You Shouldn't Eat The New Frankenfish

An Open Letter Reply To California HHS Secretary Dooley Regarding Her Mandating Mercury-Laden Flu Vaccines For Children

Shocking Report: Pet Food Is Toxic, Full Of GMOs, and Diseased Meat (what you should know)

FDA Ignores 2 Million + People Saying No To GMO Salmon

Big Surprise: Whooping Cough Showing Up In High Vaccinated Areas. So Much For Immunity!

Magnesium Deficiency Triggers Many Chronic Disease Symptoms

9-Year Old Paralyzed After Flu Vaccine

Cherry and Celery Keep Gout At Bay

The Importance of Minerals: Most of Earth's Mass Extinctions Caused By Mineral Deficiencies

STD Rates Hit Record High In U.S.

Even The Liberal NY Times Now Admits Obamacare Prices Are Skyrocketing

Soil Health and the Importance of Mycorrhizal Fungi

Do Vaccines Cause Autism? 

How TMJ Can Trigger Chronic Disease Symptoms

3 Ways Your Hair Can Tell You More About Your Body Than Your Blood

WHO To Classify Aging As A Disease Opening The Floodgates To New Drugs

Kroger Now "Pummeling" Walmart In sales Growth Thanks To Organic Foods

The 22 Worst Carbs In America

GcMAF: Another Suppressed Cancer Treatment?

Google To Monitor Your Mental Health

Bicarbonate and CO2

5 Healthy Habits That May Actually Be Harming Your Health

Mental Health May Depend On The Health of Your Gut Flora

The Window of Opportunity To Protect Vaccine Freedom Is Closing

'Million Cancer Deaths From Fukushima Expected In Japan', New Report Reveals

Move Over GMOs, Lab-Grown Meat Is Here

IV Vitamin C Will Stop Growth of Aggressive Forms of Cancer

Is Skipping Breakfast Bad For You? The Surprising Truth

44 Reasons To Ban or Label GMOs

Monsanto Buying Off Media Shills To Promote Their Toxic Crap

GAO Report Reveals Obamacare More Corrupt and Fraudulent Than Thought 

Why Is Glyphosate In Tampons?

These 5 Things Will Influence Your Health More Than Anything Else In Your Life

Exposed: How Monsanto Pays Millions To Lie To Kids Without Parental Consent

Vaccine Injuries Causing Parents To Be Accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome

Cannabis Can Kill Incurable Brain Cancer


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